Peacock Leaves Wallpaper


How to order:

  1. Measure your wall, for example: 3m (h) x 3m (w)= 9m in total
  2. Please specify the height (h) of your wall first and then the width (w)as per the example above, this way we know whether your wall is landscape/horizontal OR portrait/vertical.
  3. Our wallpaper is sold per meter. If you need to order 6 meters please increase your quantity to 6m.
  4. Your order will roughly take 5 – 7 working days from payment reflection.
  5. Please make sure your wall has a flat smooth surface and is not textured/bagged.
  6. Our wallpaper is easy and convenient for you to apply yourself. Simply remove the adhesive paper at the back and stick to your wall.
  7. If you would like an applicator, we do offer this service at an additional cost, please email us at
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Peacock Leaves Wallpaper is inspired by the bold peacock colours that are appearing on fabrics and furnishings.

It’s well-known that wallpaper can spice up a room with a pattern. It also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Depending on the design or even materials that go into making it, wallpaper can alter how we perceive spaciousness, light levels, and movement and can create a sense of cohesiveness — or isolation — in a room.

That’s why you can use wallpaper to work wonders in any room.

Not all wallpaper will make a room look bigger. This Peacock Leaves Wallpaper with its bold imagery lacks a background or negative space around it, the room will feel closed in and intimate, especially with its large fr.

The peacock, the proudest of birds, has been strutting its stuff, this dazzling bird-inspired our iridescent peacock leave-print wallpaper.

People are definitely getting bolder in their use of colour, and this trend will continue.

It’s also practical- the peacock spectrum allows for a fluid incorporation of blues, greens, purples, gold, and similar jewel-tones into one ensemble.

We also think the popularity of this trend might have something to do with the spirit of the peacock–exotic, extravagant, and confident. Male peacocks flash their pretty plumage in order to attract mates, and this trend allows us to capture some of their flirty flair.

What better way to garner attention and accentuate our homes than by borrowing the rich patterns and hues of the peacock.

The shimmering hues of a peacock’s feather have been a source of aesthetic and scientific admiration for thousands of years. Unlike most birds, peacocks do not derive their colours purely from pigments, but from a combination of pigments and photonic crystals.

This combination causes the feathers to reflect different wavelengths of light depending upon the angle of the light and the spacing of the crystals. The result is the iridescent shades of blue, green, brown, and yellow commonly found in a peacock’s train. `Now you can bring this beauty to your home.

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Dimensions 1800 × 2400 cm

Landscape / Horizontal, Portrait / Vertical, Square/Block


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